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The One-Eyed Jacks

Book 1: Killing Time
Book 2: The Way Home

The One-Eyed Jacks, Book 2
ISBN# 978034553839
29 October 2013
Gallery Books
336 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

In a tiny village in Kandahar Province, an American serviceman recovers from gruesome wounds under the care of a Muslim woman, named Rabia. He knows nothing of who he is or who he has been. As bits and pieces of his life return, Rabia becomes his anchor in a foreign world, where everyday could be his last should the enemy discover where he is hiding.

Worlds away in Northern Minnesota, Jess Albert spends years coming to grips with losing her husband, JR, to an IED in faraway Afghanistan. Each day is barely living until a man, Ty Brown, pushes her out of existing and teaches her about living. Ty is everything Jess never knows she wants in a man.

With Rabia's help, JR begins to remember, which brings a desperate longing to go home and be safe. Still, he cannot leave Rabia behind when she is in such danger. As the spec ops teams make plans for his rescue, Jess is preparing to marry Ty and begin a new life with the man she loves. When past, present and future collide it will force paths to realign as four people struggle to hang on to the only thing that matters.

This is a story about two couples forged from the tattered remains of four lives. The violence and cultural clash are handled with skill and sensitivity that will resonate with readers. Prepare for an intense journey as Ms. Gerard explores the reality of war and relationship with startling insight. Definitely an emotional read.

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