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ISBN# (10)1781890161/(13)978178189016
7 July 2013
Choc Lit
304 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Receiving only sadness from the man she thinks she is going to marry, Catherine Aston is not interested in anyone but Jack. She is having a hard time putting her life together and guess what? She wins an all-inclusive wedding that compares to one of royalty. There is just one problem–there is no groom.

What can mend a broken heart? Life is dull and lifeless except when work comes into play. Adam Langley is frustrated with a proposal that seems to be more of a farce. How has he not seen it coming? He is glad to have friends that care about him, but he does not know how to show it. He is broken. One woman he works with from time to time needs some mending of her own. He sees a kindred spirit in her, though he also sees her going back down the same road she has supposedly left. So he has the opportunity to do the same. He swears never to fall in love again.

Adam has helped make Cat feel better than she has in years. She is glad she is able to have her wedding and groom and not miss a beat in the upcoming celebration of her life. However, there is a debt she needs to pay when she finds out all too late that some things are a sham. How can she pay back all she has received? Can she afford to be sued? Life is getting heavier by the moment. Adam has gone away to work in a remote and beautiful area, not knowing what twists and turns he is about to encounter.

This book tickles my toes and warms my heart. You will want to get a warm cup of chocolate and some nice tasty cookies or wafers to enjoy while reading this wonderful tale. Having such illustrative words gives you the total picture of what is going on as the plot thickens in all the right spots. This book naturally leads you in the direction your heart yearns to go. It has enough conflict to remind you that even characters’ lives have chaos, which is not always so easy to figure out. It is realistic yet very much like a fairytale. A movie, audio book and most definitely a sequel would be welcomed as it is rich with memorable events and makes you smile with understanding. The cover is very indicative of the story…magical.

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