Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #: 9780803476578
August 2011
Avalon Books
$ 23.95
192 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Phoebe Curtis leads a quiet life in a small town. She works in a used book store and officiates at weddings. She has not had an easy life growing up, but is content with helping others find happiness. She is warm, loving and quietly beautiful.

Brady Winters is the owner and captain of a yacht. He takes vacationers around the Mediterranean. He is handsome and charming and has no ties. He has no plans to develop any, either.

Phoebe is thrilled to be officiating at her best friend, Lindy’s, wedding. The best man, Brady, is very handsome, but does not make a good first impression. She does her best to be a good hostess and finds herself in possession of a potentially disastrous secret about the groom, as well as being embarrassingly and wrongly fired from her job. Love at first sight this is not.

This is an entertainingly quick read. Phoebe is a warm and loving person who has not received much love in return. Even her best friend seems to be more of a taker than a giver. Surprisingly, Phoebe and Brady have a great deal in common. Both are pretty much on their own, except for some good friends, but Brady seems to be in permanent flight while Phoebe has made herself a home. I liked the setting and the characters, but if I ever find myself with a toothache in Australia, I hope the dental assistants are not hired off the street and given on-the-job training like Phoebe.

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