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Save the Date

Book 1: The Wedding Date
Book 2: The Wedding Favor
Book 3: The Wedding Vow


Save the Date, Book 3
ISBN # 9780062282354
September 20, 2014
400 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Adam LeCroix barely managed to escape jail time after stealing a priceless Renoir. Now the billionaire playboy finds himself in the awkward position of having one of his own paintings lifted right out from under his nose. When the insurance company refuses to pay up, he knows just the lawyer to bend them to her will.

Maddie St. Claire nearly had Adam when she worked as a prosecutor, but now he is back and is playing for keeps. Using all the muscle his money commands, Adam uses a financial chokehold to force Maddie to work for him. Either she helps him get his insurance company to stop withholding payment, or she will be out of a job.

Being angry with Adam does not lessen the lethal attraction Maddie feels for the sexy thief. If he is going to force her to be in his company, she figures a little casual sex might just make the whole thing worthwhile. That is, until Adam convinces her to give him something more priceless than any masterwork; her heart.

The switch up between a playboy who wants the softer side of sex and the hardcore lawyer makes for an interesting premise. Readers will enjoy the lively dialogue and the sparkling chemistry between Maddie and Adam. Definitely the best Save the Date book yet.

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