Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN- 9780982678411
February 2010
Pink Petal Books, an imprint of Jupiter Gardens Press
126 pages
Inspirational romance/ Pagan
Rating: 4 cups

After the sudden death of her father, Dharma Jean Davis blamed the Goddess and turned her back on her Wiccan faith. Her employers, Bertram and Daines Realty, want to open a new branch in Des Moines, Iowa. It seems like a perfect opportunity for Dharma. Of course, things never turn out the way we expect.

Siddhartha –Sid- Narayan is the second High Priest within his Coven. His life is in a changing cycle. A new job in Oregon and the chance to hive the Des Moines coven are two of the opportunities that await him. When a stranger walks into the Mabon ritual at a store belonging to his friends, Dee and Lars, it appears the gods and goddesses have seen his deepest desires.

When Dharma enters the store to attend the ritual, Sid recognizes her from some visions he’s had. Her sadness and hopelessness draws him in. After talking to her, Sid finds himself rethinking the steps he is about to take. Dharma is at a crossroads in her life. Does she move backward or move forward? Maybe staying put would be the best bet. Becoming involved with the coven and Sid only makes the decisions more difficult. Fortunately, the Goddess is at work.

Inspirational is such a light term for what I found within the pages of this book. It struck such a chord within my soul that it continues to resonate even though I have turned the final page. Dharma’s heartbreak and disappointment is such a real character. Sid’s compassion adds even more depth to his character. It was so much fun to watch the Goddess’s plan for these two unfold. With grace and style, Ms. Caelsto brings the Wiccan religion into a genre of books that most associate only with the Christian faith.

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