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ISBN#: 9300385539487
April 14, 2015
Doubleday Publishing Co.
Hard Cover
332 Pages
Apocalyptic Western Noir
Rating: 4 Cups

In his own peculiar way, Quentin Ross sees war as an opportunity. The fear and trepidation most men have about going to war is absent for Quentin. In its place is an incredible sense of anticipation.

On the surface Augustus Winter is as cold as his name suggests. Inside his core is pure ice.

Quentin’s ability to twist truth and spin anything to his advantage comes in very handy as a Union soldier. However, his rise through the ranks stalls out. Once it becomes obvious his superiors are on to his extracurricular activities, Quentin comes up with a new plan. Over time, and with the death toll rising, the power shifts in this lawless band of brothers. Winter becomes the name whispered in fear as Augustus and his men wreak havoc across the nation.

War is in all respects deadly and brutal, yet the men in this story make it seem like child’s play. Their viciousness knows no bounds, which makes some of these scenes very hard to read. Every so often though, you get a glimpse of something human in their soul, and it is these moments that really pull this story together. It gives you hope that there can be some kernel of good even in the most evil of men.

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