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Companion Book:
The Witch and the Wolf (the story of Lillian, Melora’s sister)

The Witch and the Vampire
Tricia Schneider
ISBN: Unavailable
Mar 2011
The Wild Rose Press
107 Pages
paranormal, witch, vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

The road is treacherous due to the unrelenting blizzard, but Melora Merriweather is desperate to escape her horrid uncle and his vile plans to marry her off to a decrepit old geezer.

Sebastian Collins is on an urgent journey to London when he comes across a carriage overturned in deep snow and perched precariously on the edge of a formidable cliff.

Sebastian gallantly rescues the bedraggled young woman and, at her insistence, delivers her to Caldwell House which, unbeknownst to Melora, is also his home. Sebastian’s hunger is overwhelming, and he despairs because Melora’s sweet, fresh blood tempts him beyond endurance.

With its well-written storyline, and delightfully gothic mood throughout, this novella is an absolutely pleasurable reading experience. Sebastian’s angst is described with such believability that I literally groaned at times when he refused to give in to his instincts and all-encompassing desire. The setting and the tone are almost flawlessly depicted. The characters, including most of the minor ones are multifaceted, intriguing creations arising from this author’s imagination. Combining non-graphic romance side by side with the dark, icy, gothic elements is nothing less than inspired storytelling.

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