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The Gates of Heaven Series

Book 1: The Wolf Of Tebron
Book 2: The Map Across Time
Book 3: The Land Of Darkness
Book 4: The Unraveling Of Wentwater
Book 5: The Crystal Sceptor
Book 6: The Sands of Ethryn

Book 1 in The Gates of Heaven series
ISBN- 13:9780899578880/10:0899578888
July 2010
AMG Publishers/Living Ink Books
288 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Joran was given over to a family as an infant. Not knowing his biological father, he always felt on the outside of his adoptive family. His father was a wizard who knew the child would be in danger if he raised him. Joran inherited his father’s talent for speaking to animals.

Ruyah was trapped when Joran found him. Because of the kindness Joran shows Ruyah, a wolf travels with Joran on his journeys, offering wisdom, protection and friendship.

Joran sends his wife, Charris, away to her family in Wolcreek Vale to think on her marriage vows. He feels she’s been paying more attention to her weaving designs than to him. After Charris leaves, Joran begins having weird dreams where he is trying to rescue her. Word reaches him that she never made it to Wolcreek Vale. On the word of a woman deemed crazy, Joran sets out on a journey to find his wife. Due to his kind spirit early on, he is able to call upon his animal friends for assistance when he needs it most.

The descriptive elements of this book are phenomenal. The lands Joran and Ruyah go through to find Charris sound like such incredible places, but that seems to be the author’s main focus. C.S. Lakin takes the time to allow the reader to absorb the scenery as they read. The plot, however, seems to become lost within all of the colorful graphics. Joran’s journey is supposed to be a meaningful one, but I went farther and farther adrift with each chapter.

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