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Wolves of Stoneridge

Book 1: Werewolf at the Zoo
Book 2: Alpha's Prerogative
Book 3: Accepting His Animal
Book 4: Accepting His Human
Book 5: Finding Balance
Book 6: Goading the Enforcer
Book 7: Through Dagus's Eyes
Book 8: Loving the Enemy
Book 9: Casey's Love Bite
Book 10: The Wolf Biker's Mate
Book 11: Kyle's Valiant Hunt
Book 12: A Cajun in Colorado
Book 13: Catching a Bit of Irish
Book 14: Gustav's Gargoyle Adventure
Book 15: Choosing His Christmas Miracle
Book 16: The Vampire's Special Lover
Book 17: Freeing Dimitri's Wolf
Book 18: Soldier of Fortune's Downfall
Book 19: Just Lion Around
Book 20: The Mountain Man's Mate
Book 21: Crashing the Comicon
Book 22: The Wolf's Healing Touch
Book 23: Rehabilitating his Dingo

Wolves of Stoneridge, Book 22
Charlie Richards
ISBN#: 9781771118903
March 2014
Extasy Books
112 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Edwin Aldridge is a genetic engineer who knows about shifters and who has his shifter godfather’s blessing to try and find a way to transfer shifter’s super healing abilities to humans.

Byron Ziegler is a wolf shifter and member of the Stoneridge pack. When he scents Edwin and realizes he is his mate he is ecstatic.

When Edwin first hears Byron’s voice his body immediately reacts, and when he gets a look at the handsome shifter, he knows he has been without a lover for far too long. While the attraction is mutual, when Byron finds out that Edwin is a scientist, he makes the mistake of thinking that Edwin is like the other scientists who have abused and experimented on his kind. Instead of staying and talking to Edwin and finding out what his research is about, he runs. After all, he cannot bring a scientist mate home to his teenage sister who has had her own run in with the scientists, it would be too traumatic for her. Will Byron give Edwin a chance to explain, or will they both lose the opportunity to find true love?

Ms. Richards has struck again and in a good way! I have purchased every book ever written by this author and have been more than happy to plunk down my money, and this book is no exception. I loved how Edwin is such a geek and so insecure and how Byron who may be bigger but has his own emotional issues. The conflict initially drives this story, but when these two finally come together, YOWSA! fireworks galore. I also loved the fact that Edwin has been raised by a shifter and is supported by his godfather in the research he does, that made him the perfect partner for a Byron in my opinion. The love scenes are scorching, but so filled with the emotions of new love that you just cannot put the book down until you have read the end. I have loved the worlds of the Stoneridge pack since I read the first story and The Wolf’s Healing Touch is no exception to that rule. If you love paranormal and m/m romance, and you have never read this author then you are missing out! I highly recommend this book and the other books of Charlie Richards.

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