Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: Unavailable
March 2010
New Concepts Publishing
19 Pages
Paranormal Werewolf Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Brooke really wants a baby. Her best friend and even her mother are expecting while she has no prospects of becoming pregnant. All her hopes for future relationships are pinned onto her boss Dorian who does not even act like she is alive. After listening to her mother she comes up with a plan which consists of going to a club that he frequents and seducing him for that night.

Dorian is a beast; no, really he is a beast, a werewolf in fact. He believes that he has not yet made up for all of the bad things that he has done in his past. Hence the reason he avoids Brooke no matter what his feelings for her are. After seeing her that one night he hopes that he has shown her enough of the beast to scare her off.

Brooke goes through with her plan; she calls in sick from work to make certain she is pregnant. After confirming that she actually did succeed, she returns to work. Dorian smells the change in her. He was planning on talking to her when he saw her next. He was not expecting to hear she was pregnant.

I really liked this story. The passion between the two is described in a way that did not bore me or make me roll my eyes with the idea I had heard it all before. Personally I have never read a plot like this one but I thoroughly enjoyed reading something new. I really hope that the author writes more stories set in the world she created. I like her style and the way she unfolds the story in a way that entertains.

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