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ISBN# 1-59836-303-4
Titan Press
69 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The Perfect Wife

George is working his way up the corporate ladder; his only impediment is his obese but otherwise perfect wife Vicky. Vicky keeps an immaculate house and he loves her dearly, but would love her more if there were less of her. His secretary refers him to a woman named Lorelei, who promises results at a price.

This is an entertaining novella about a man who is not happy with what he has. It is a great example of that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Rhiannon’s Run

Agent Rhodes of the FBI is sent to rural Kentucky to investigate a case of missing children. A mischief-making sprite of a girl with a mean streak is still causing trouble fifty years after her death, making a sensible FBI agent believe in things he never did before.

This is a great tale of an extraordinary ghost. Rosetta, a one hundred and three year old local, is a fantastic character in a quick moving story.


Aspiring writer Carrie and her friends are at a coffee shop when one of the girls tells a story from her childhood. Belle cuts her hand; Carrie licks the wound and Belle’s memory clean. That story becomes the first story Carrie has ever sold. A similar situation happens with her friend Monica, and so a career is born.

This is an entertaining story, “Sex in the City” with a vampire twist.

Boundless Love

Kathleen sees a man that she falls instantly in love with. She decides that she will visit him using astral projection; she does not expect that he will actually see her and want to keep her. Larry de Stone is a newly popular horror writer. Kathleen in her spirit form is his inspiration.

This is a great tale of obsession and its cost. Both main characters are very well written, and the plot has an unexpected turn.

Bad Things

Ruth is starting a new life after an abusive marriage. The first thing she wants is a rose garden. Her first bush, “Blood Red”, is the centerpiece of the garden and attracts the most beautiful butterflies. Ruth only wishes that she did not cut herself quite so often on the thorns.

A woman newly freed from a hellish life buys a rose bush to start her garden and gets more than she ever dreamed possible.

This is an unusual story, Ruth is not very likable, but her husband is worse. The butterflies are really unique.

Mommy’s Good Girl

Jenni likes the country but is allergic to bees. Therefore, when her mother takes her out to Aunt Ethel’s farm she is a little apprehensive. Jenni looks a lot like Ethel’s daughter Rachel who disappeared when she was about Jenni’s age.

This is an eerie tale with a particularly apt twist at the end. Aunt Ethel’s character will stay with the reader long after the story is finished.

The author has written a great collection of stories that range from eerie to disturbing. I enjoyed Mommy’s Good Girl and Bad Things the most, but all of the stories are well worth reading, just not late at night.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books