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Thoughtless Series
Book 1: Thoughtless
Book 2: Effortless

ISBN# 9781476717470
6 November 2012
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
530 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The day she meets Denny Harris, Kiera Allen knows there is no other guy for her. Being able to move to Seattle with him is a dream come true, because she cannot imagine a life without him.

Rotten childhood aside, Kellan Kyle feels like he is doing pretty well for himself. His music and the band are his family now, nothing else even comes close.

Seattle is really starting to feel like home for Kiera. Denny’s internship, her job, even their roommate Kellan have all come together like pieces of a puzzle, until Denny is sent out of town for two months. Kiera relies on Kellan more and more to keep her spirits up, which eventually leads her down a very dangerous path. Guilt is killing her over what she is feeling for Kellan, knowing that Denny has done nothing to deserve this kind of pain. She and Kellan are hurting everyone around them, yet Kiera is helpless to stop the destruction.

It is heartbreaking to watch this young girl completely melt down under the weight of her guilt, all the while knowing she has only herself to blame. Her tears, however, are as constant as her inability to make a decision and stick with it. Denny and Kellan are two amazing young men caught up in Kiera’s mess, and though Kellan is partly to blame, it is hard to malign someone who only wants to be loved. This story is provocative. It is bitter sweet, and it will make your heart ache for each one of these fantastic characters.

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