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ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-608-6 (EB), 978-1-60272-820-2 (PB)
December 2009
Amber Quill Press
E-Book / Paperback
$6.00 / $15.50
386 Pages
Dark Fantasy, Vampire, Historical Regency, Fantasy, Witchcraft, Magic, Interracial, Multicultural, Mystery, Detective, Ménage MMF, Group Sex, Bisexual MM Content
Rating: 4 Cups

If living for centuries has done nothing else for Lord Cedric Edgard, it has given him the ability to know exactly what he wants, and how to go about getting it. He loves his boys with every fiber of his being, but seeing the beautiful pianist at Rowan House has created a hunger he is powerless to resist.

Leaving Louisiana and her half-brother behind was a huge step for Mariotte Sabrier, and one she does not regret in the slightest. She never imagined taking a job in a place like Rowan House, but since has found her eyes being opened to much more than various sexual proclivities.

In all the years of his existence, Cedric has had many lovers, both men and women, but never has he enjoyed the sense of family that he now has with Dane and Troyes. Adding a woman into the mix is not unusual, but never before has Cedric wanted to include one for more than a night or two, until now. Mariotte knows that she should be deeply disturbed by the prospect of entertaining three lovers, but she cannot deny how her body responds to Cedric and his boys. They are unlike any men she has ever known, and to give them up would leave her heart in shreds, but do they love her, as she loves them, or is she just another diversion in their everlasting lives?

You may begin reading thinking this is just another sexy vampire story, but that barely scratches the surface of this book and hopefully beyond. The individuality of the characters is well portrayed, and their devotion to each other has the reader feeling the depth of their emotion. I love how Cedric and Mariotte take the lead, and Dane is the perfect accompaniment, but Troyes seems to have a story of his own to tell. There is murder, mystery, and magic, but through it all an ever present and erotic drive to see this family solidified for all time.

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