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Fantasy Resort Series

Book 1: Three Hired Lovers
Book 2: Undercover Fantasy
Book 3: Hidden Fantasy
Book 4: Deception Fantasy
Book 5: Fantasy Ranch

Fantasy Resort Book 1
ISBN: 1-61034-832-X
September 2011
Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
168 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Quatre, Romance, M/F/M/M, Bondage, Sex Toys
Rating: 3 Cups

She is most content and happy buried neck deep in research, but Dr. Jillian Masters quiet little life is about to receive a major shakeup. Her father has had enough of her hiding away in a lab when what she really needs is to experience life.

Selling Sex Toys for U to the CEO of Sensual Pleasures is not something Joe, Frank and Rod Stanton take lightly, but when they learn there is a catch they can hardly believe their ears. This is one proposition they cannot turn down, and they intend to give it their all.

Stunned, shocked, and maybe more than a little ticked off, Jillian has no choice but to agree to her father’s terms, and boy is she now glad she did. The three men she met at the spa turned her into a raging inferno of hormones, but that was only the appetizer. Jillian comes back home with a whole new outlook on men and sex, but her reawakening is about to get a very unpleasant surprise. Joe, Frank and Rod are horrified at what they have put Jillian through, and if they do not do something soon, she might be lost to all of them forever.

The career minded Jillian is a woman ready for the taking, and what she experiences is enough to make even the reader sweat. However, Joe, Frank and Rod are so intent on staking their claim I feel that Jillian’s feelings are of little consequence at times. Jillian’s sex drive is sent into overdrive, but personally I would like to see more of a heartfelt connection between her and the guys. The sexual explosion that Jillian experiences is wonderfully wicked, and it makes this one deliciously hot read.

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