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ISBN# 9781419945663
January 6, 2016
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
128 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Three warriors are persuaded, one way or another, to play the role of one of the three kings during Epiphany for a sick Spanish girl. One, Duncan, an alpha werewolf, and ex-lover of Gedeon whom he thought had betrayed him in the past. Gedeon, a vampire and the ex-lover is there because he owes him a favor. Lastly, there is the enigmatic dream walker, Xiu, looking to gain freedom from his slavery. Once they get together and meet the girl they will know the truth as to why they, all three great warriors, were brought together for one sick girl.

Sarah, a powerful dream walker, has been growing weaker each year, ever since a violent attack during childhood, and her decision to protect the world from evil had her trap them both in a dream world. Since she was limited to being incorporeal, she often experienced the world through another’s mind and met two of her three mates by frequently making trips into their dreams. She cannot decide among the three, but really, who said she had to limit herself to one? The evil has become stronger and she wonders if this Epiphany will be her last.

Each of the warriors has a chance to be her mate, but her weakened state has left her too fragile to handle their combined desires. They make a pact to work as one in order to seduce her and help her defeat the evil. The sexual frustrations they each feel making it difficult, until they also learn to help each other with them. All three are strong warriors, but this fight needs their hearts not their physical skills. Will Duncan learn to forgive Gedeon, will Xiu learn to open himself up to them all, and will Sarah ever be able to experience them all in the flesh?

I do not usually read many stories with the erotic tag attributed to them, much less ménage, but I really lucked out with this one and enjoyed it very much. Most times it seems erotic books are mostly sex with a filler story added in to set the stage so-to-speak. Yet this story went beyond having just a superficial filler by having characters with more than one layer to them, fascinating and intimate emotions between them, and oh, yeah, really hot sexy times. I found this to be a wonderful story, would absolutely recommend it to others, and would read it again.

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