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Spirit Wolves
Book 1: A Mate Beyond their Reach
Book 2: Mates in Life and Death
Book 3: Two Mates for a Magistrate
Book 4: Three Mates One Destiny
Book 5: Star-Crossed Mates

Spirit Wolves Series Book 4
ISBN: 161034653X
August 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc
121 Pages
Erotic GLBT Paranormal Romance; Ménage Amour ManLove Imprint
Rating: 4 Cups

Paulie has worked closely with his father, Dr. Andrew Blunt, to find a cure for the virus that turns humans feral. Spending most of his time in his lab, Paulie is quite shy when it comes to meeting new people.

For over a hundred years, Sebastian and Marcus have been secret mates. When they first meet Paulie, they know he is the third mate in their trio.

Now they must convince him that just because they have been together so long does not mean they do not want him just as bad. Even as Paulie tries to deny his attraction to the wolves, his passion continues to rise and he finally allows his sensuality to run free. But danger and disaster is right around the corner and strikes without a moment’s notice. Will Paulie let the opportunity for love pass him by or will he finally accept that Marcus and Sebastian can love him just as much as they love each other?

Three Mates, One Destiny has three characters that have played important parts in the other series’ books and I was so thrilled to see them get their own tale. The way Paulie is this shy man who does not quite grasp the importance of being a mate to the wolves adds such a quality of wholeness to the plot. On top of that, you have the revolving questions that surround the human contained within the compound’s walls that leave you wanting to read more once the story finishes. When it comes to writing enticing stories, Scarlet Hyacinth does it beautifully. She continues to reel in her fans as her series begins to encompass more and more rich characters and promises decadent details.

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