Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: Unavailable
October 2009
Lulu Press
15 Pages
Gay Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Asher has just gotten out of the hospital and is finally home healing with his boyfriend Derek, and their third Dean.

Derek is Asher’s boyfriend, and he is in a foul mood. He lost his bar when someone burned it to the ground, and he nearly lost Asher as well.

Dean is a bartender, and Asher and Derek’s third.

When Derek continues to be in a foul mood, neither Asher nor Dean really know what to do. Asher thinks it is because he lost his bar to arson, but Dean knows it is something else. Will they be able to soothe Derek, and work out the relationship between the three of them?

I have to say, I really enjoyed the emotional aspect of this story. I had the pleasure of reviewing another story in this series, Asher and the Elevator Romp, and enjoyed that one as well for the same reason. Ms. Nichols is a very talented storyteller. My only beef with the story is that I did not really feel as though there was a resolution to crux of the problem that Asher, Derek and Dean have. I felt as though the author left the reader hanging a bit. Now, maybe she did that for a reason, which is entirely possible. I would love to see another story with this trio where the question actually gets answered and resolved, and I will certainly be looking to buy that story should it miraculously appear. Hint…hint…hint, Ms. Nichols. Seriously, I’d love to see more of this trio!

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