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ISBN# 978-1-62300-680-8
28th January 2014
317 pages
Mystery and suspense, fantasy and paranormal, shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Tonya has been part of a secret investigation for a decade. She has been deep under cover for five years and only one person knows her real identity. Now she just has to get to safety, keep herself alive, and work out who she can give her evidence to. Oh, and keep the council hunter off her tail.

Dakota has seen the worst of shifter kind, he was raised by it. Now a hunter for the council bringing in rogue shifters for trial, his new job rings alarm bells from the start. Why is the target not being taken back to the council? Why does no one know who she really is? So many questions, and with every answer, there are just more questions.

When there is nowhere else to run, you have to play the hand you have. Trusting Dakota with as much as she dares, Tonya tells the decade-long tale and hopes he believes her. Then they just have to plan how to bring down the viper in his nest without getting stung.

Dakota and Tonya are an amazing pair. I loved watching them both learn to trust and love in a world of danger. They live in such a complete colorful world, I'm generally surprised, and a little sad, this is not the first of a series. Every little detail has been thought of, every connection adds to the strength of the characters, their lives, and world.

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