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ISBN: 9781616503352
November 2011
Lyrical Press
148 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

*This tale was originally published through Write Words, Inc. in 2009.

Lia Morgan is a psychic who has not had contact with her sister in seven years due to her otherworldly connections. However, when she gets a call from a police officer stating that her sister is missing, she immediately leaps to help in any way she can.

Professor Jared Trimble remembers Lia all too well. She ensnared his heart rather quickly when she was one of his college students and then just as quickly she demolished it.

When Jared is contaced about helping the FBI track down Sylvie Morgan’s kidnapper due to his impeccable work with crossword puzzles, he never expects to come face to face with Lia. When he finds out that Sylvie is her sister, Jared does not know whether to run far away from Lia or give her a comforting hug. Lia is determined to find her sister, especially since the ethereal beings are giving her clues to help her locate Sylvie. Trying to find her sister is hard enough without Jared as a distraction, but Lia will take all the help she can get. Because time is running out for Sylvie and Lia is terrified she will not find her before a kidnapping turns into murder.

Tidings of Fear is such a phenomenal read. Ms. Scott knows how to set a scene that has the reader feeling as if they are actually in the novel with the characters. I could practically hear a suspense-filled tune playing in the background as I read page after page. I knew from the beginning whom the suspect was, but as time went on I ignored my findings and just enjoyed this thrilling tale of love, paranormal beings, and crossword puzzles. This decadent book is the type of novel I love to read as the first few pages set the tone for the whole story and it did not disappoint me one bit.

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