Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781451692440
May 2015
Howard Books /Simon & Shuster
Trade Paperback
490 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Flossie Jayne is a young woman who is wanting more in her life than living a life a man tells her is right. Society calls it the New Woman. She is a budding artist who is handpicked by Louis Tiffany to help complete the Tiffany chapel, when the men who are glassworkers strike.

Louis Tiffany has the opportunity at the 1893 World’s Fair set in Chicago to create a stained glass, mosaic chapel. But when the workers strike, he hires women to replace them. They become known as the "Tiffany Girls"

As Flossie becomes a "Tiffany Girl", she finds herself in a boarding house with a cast of diversified people. She also finds herself in situations like men treating women rudely on the streetcars and the picket lines. She also finds herself thinking more about the border next door named Reeve Wilder. Will her circumstances allow her a romance, or is she destined to be alone because of her beliefs?

What an interesting read. Chock full of insights of the past and how women fought to become heard and demand respect for women. How far we have come. Flossie is a strong woman just trying to find her way in life and the journey she travels is enlightening, to both her and the reader. This is a book worth taking the time to read.

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