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Great Clans Series

Book 1: Pantheraum
Book 2: Tigerian

Book #2 in the Great Clans Series
ISBN#: 1619264579
April 2012
Siren Publishing
141 Pages
Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal, Shape-shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Kaddox is a tiger shifter and a mixed blood. He is half Tigerian and half Pantheraum. He is the leader of a group of Tigerian who trust him to make the big decisions and lead them, but not for much else. Because he is not fully Tigerian there are those who have and still do treat him with less than the respect he deserves.

Paege is a Pantheraum female who is looking for her missing sister. She was not raised within the Pantheraum clan, but was instead raised on the outskirts of it.

When Kaddox finds Paege nearly dead in a trap set by human scientists, he finds that even though he hates the Pantheraum, he cannot allow her to die. In fact, he believes that she will make the perfect bait to lure the human scientists into his midst so he can kill them for the atrocities they have committed against the shifter clans. That coupled with the revenge he wants to inflict on his brother whom he holds responsible for their mother’s death, and his burning desire to keep the members of his Tigerian clan safe are the main things driving him. However, it does not take long for Paege to get under his skin, and though he does not want to want her, or care anything about her, her bravery, innocence, and big heart cause him to reconsider his original plan. When Paege is captured by the scientists, it is all Kaddox can do to keep it together long enough to save her. Suddenly the fact that she is Pantheraum is less important than the fact that the woman he is beginning to have deep feelings for is in danger. Will Kaddox get to Paege in time? Will he be able to admit to himself and to Paege how he truly feels about her?

I truly enjoyed reading Tigerian, Ms. Meilleur puts a whole new spin on the shifter phenomenon, and her world building is beyond fantastic. Reading about how the innocent Paege totally steamrollers Kaddox emotionally is very fun to read. The love scenes are both erotic and emotional making this a great read. One of the best parts in my opinion of this book is how the secondary characters play as much of an integral part of the story, as the main characters. You do not often find that in most books as it is difficult to pull off, but Ms. Meilleur makes it look effortless. If you want to read a truly unique and engaging paranormal erotic romance, then I urge you to pick up Tigerian today! As for me I am off to get the copy of the first book in this series, with luck I’ll be caught up before the next book comes out.

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