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ISBN: 9781554047901
November 2010
Double Dragon Publishing, Inc.
126 Pages
Erotic Romance; Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Aedhan Jean “John” Dubois has always been fascinated with the mythological tales that include Zeus and all of the gods and goddesses. But he never expects to find his own while traveling in Greece.

Kay is not her true name. Aphrodite has been searching for quite a while for the man known as John.

When John gets correspondences from Kay, he feels as if he knows her -- even though he has never met her other than through their letters. She challenges him unlike any other woman he has known. When he gets to Greece and realizes that she is the true Aphrodite, and that he is really Adonis, he wants nothing more than to consummate their love. But Ares has killed him once and will do so again if given the chance, and so the two lovers must come together in secret, which is hard to do when Ares knows Aphrodite’s every step.

Mr. Bard knows how to turn the world of mythology into a spicy read. I did have a hard time reading parts of this tale as I found them to be choppy as if they were not quite completed thoughts. The further I read into the tale, the more engrossed I became as the passionate trysts continued to dominate the storyline. Some of the wording was a bit silly especially when it came to the wording used during the different sexual plays. To Sleep with Aphrodite did show me a world unlike any I have read before.

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