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Truckee Wolves, Book 1
ISBN# 9781623002824
23 April 2013
Loose Id, LLC
155 Pages
BDSM Multi-cultural Shape-Shifter Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

There is a natural empathy Dr. Briony Theale has with animals, which lends itself well when dealing with those that are sick or injured. Her love of chocolate is almost as strong as that for her animals, although a certain Ranger is now vying for one of those top spots as well.

The smell of chocolate has Ranger Rico Montgomery salivating for one very sexy and curvy vet. Although the confection itself will make him and his wolf as sick as a dog, the scent he picks up from Briony sends him straight to Heaven.

Pitching out her stash of chocolate is a desperate attempt to curb her cravings, but Briony has no idea the havoc she is about to cause. Rico’s wolf has no self-control around anything that smells like Briony, which puts him and his entire Pack in danger. He lives in limbo between Pack and human society, although this mistake could easily cost him both. Briony’s love for Rico grows by the second, but will it be enough to keep her alive when the Pack Alpha decides to test her loyalty?

I love a story that can make you laugh, sigh and sweat all in one! Rico is a total hotty, but with a vulnerability that makes you want to hug him tight, much like the rest of the shifters in this pack. Briony is one smart cookie, too, knowing when to keep a tight rein on her emotions, and when to let loose. She and Rico have set the mark high, so it will be fun to see who steps up next to continue this fantastic series.

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