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Blood Countess, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781595788290
June 2011
Liquid Silver Books
73 Pages
Paranormal, Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Ellie fights her abnormal feelings for the human doctor for no other reason than sex with her could prove toxic, and not from her fangs. Unfortunately, the battle to leave the human unmolested proves more difficult than the war with the daemon.

Rafe is more than he appears and has no business messing with one such as Ellie. What can one man do when the woman of his dreams could be the tool used to bring him down? Fight and sacrifice more than one could imagine to be with the woman he loves.

The paranormal world is on the brink of war, and humans will be needed to feed and fight alongside these soldiers. Unless all paranormals on earth and humans can learn to work together to eliminate the threat of daemons from Hell realm, the population on earth will be hunted to extinction.

Ms. Langlais is an imaginative and talented writer. In Toxic, a world of the future with the possibility of revelation today sucks the reader in and makes them believe. I found the world to be one where humans will learn for the first time there is more in heaven and earth than themselves. Ellie is intriguing and begs the questions: are vampires really evil, and can the undead love someone? If you have a penchant for the paranormal world and the fight between good and evil, then Toxic is the opening salvo to a series that promises to bring hours of entertainment.

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