Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781926930268
March 2011
Breathless Press
47 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Theresa is a beautiful young woman in a relationship that is rapidly becoming stale. She yearns for excitement and loves to party. She wants to mingle with other up-and-comers in fashionable style. Besides, she enjoys being single.

Mark enjoys Teri’s company, but ever since he met Heather, her sister, he has had fantasies and desires that he knows he can never act upon. Mark is a true gentleman - one who is about to be dumped.

Teri devises the perfect plan. All she has to do is to convince Heather to set aside her inhibitions for one evening. The plan is audacious, but if it succeeds, Heather could fulfill her deepest desires. The scheme is set in motion, but will the trickery backfire?

This smokin’ hot quick read is entertaining. It is a tightly-constructed reminder that relationships are as diverse as the participants in them. It cleverly illustrates, most graphically, that traits, which may be a turn-off to one person, may be the precise things that another finds most attractive. The siblings in this story identified this early on, and devised an opportunity – risky though it was – to make what could have been a painful breakup into an erotic encounter ripe with future possibility.

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