Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN # 978-1-60435-434-8
Nov 19, 2009
Red Rose Publishing
253 pages
Contemporary, Inspirational, Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 4 Cups


Juliana thought she married the perfect man. She soon found out how very wrong she was. Seven years later she is scarred both physically and emotionally, but the ultimate miracle will soon change her life.

Cynthia is Juliana’s sister who comes to Juliana when she calls. She has seen what a monster Juliana’s husband was and is determined to help her sister put her life back together.

With her family’s help and some strong inner strength Juliana begins a journey to heal her past and allow her to look forward to the future.

What an awesome story of courage and survival. It is one of listening to your heart as well as your head.


Rosa’s mother died in childbirth, but she made sure if anything happened Rosa would be taken care of. Her friend Annie and her husband raised Rosa as their own daughter. Although Rosa was born deaf, she excelled in life.

Devon first spotted Rosa when his band played at her birthday party. He thought she was just another spoiled rich girl. And one that brushed him off or so he thought. Not able to get her out of his system he finds a woman who is a perfect match for his heart.

With a slight misunderstanding taken care of, Devon and Rosa fall fast and prepare for a life together. Will they have a happily ever after?

What a sweet love at first sight and follow your heart to receive all the wonderful things it has to offer story. Devon and Rosa are enjoyable and bring out the best in each other.


Shani took her mother’s death very hard. Now that time has passed she has found out the truth about her parentage. She is unsure how to deal with all that has transpired. She has also been able to reconnect with old friends; especially one who was her best friend growing up, and boy has he grown up nicely.

Jake was best friend’s with Shani growing up. They were inseparable until she felt the need to be on the open road. He has not seen her in a few years but after seeing her again, his heart has re-affirmed that he will always love her.

Just as Shani learns her mother’s secret and as Jake, Mitch and she are reacquainting themselves, tragedy strikes. Shani is in a terrible motorcycle accident. Just when hearts are mending and friendships renewed can this be the end?

What an emotional read this is. I did not know whether to cry and be sad or cry and be happy! Such a story just tugs at your heartstrings. This is definitely my favorite of all three.

Ms. Laudan has taken three strong women and showed their lives, both good and bad. All three women are strong willed and fighters. Each finds a chance for love amongst the odds of their obstacles. Excellent characters and a varied story for each will have you running a rack of emotions. The only disappointment you will have is if you do not take the time to read Shani, Rosa, and Juliana’s stories.

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