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Sweet, Texas Series
Book 1: Home Sweet Home
Book 2: Anything but Sweet
Book 3: Sweetest Mistake
Book 4: Something Sweeter
Book 5: Sweet Cowboy Christmas
Book 6: Sweet Surprise
Book 7: Truly Sweet

Sweet, Texas Series, Book 7
ISBN#: 9780062351159
August 2015
Avon Books
$7.99 US / $9.99 CAN
359 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The bullet Jake Wilder takes in Afghanistan ends his Marine career. Infinitely worse, however, is losing his best friend Eli. Nothing will ever bring Eli back, whereas the guilt Jake carries will be with him always.

Making mistakes comes pretty easy for Annabelle Morgan, although the one that gave her Max was the best she ever made. Some day she would love to give her precious little boy a father and siblings. But no matter what, she will be the best mom she can be for him.

Not an hour goes by where Jake is not wracked with guilt over breaking his promise. He knows he has no right to feel happiness and joy, especially with a woman as open and caring as Annie. She and Max deserve better than a man who does not even have the courage to do the right thing. Never in his life has Jake been so scared, but if he can open up and let Annie in, he may just come out the other side.

As stubborn as the Wilder men are, the women in their lives are even more so. It takes plenty of spunk and attitude to deal with Jake, which Annie has in abundance. I love how they bicker and push each other’s buttons like any old married couple. But even better is the making-up, where it is all fun and fireworks!

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