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ASIN# B00L047CP6
June 2014
Class Act Books
261 pages
Romance, Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Grace McAllister sets foot in Temple for the first time in twenty years since her mother left her father who recently died. Only there for the reading of his will, she is told that he was not her father. She enlists the help of Mayfield, who used to bully her, to help her find out who her father is. Despite the memories that caution her to avoid him, she finds herself strongly drawn to him.

Mayfield Donovan used to bully Gracie when they were kids, now that he has grown-up so have his feelings for her. Surprisingly he has also grown to be thoughtful and helpful to those around him. He offers Grace the help she needs to find her father and uses the time to court and tempt her to be his. Will his charming manners be enough to entice her into becoming a part of his life?

Grace is not sure about whether or not to accept May’s help in finding her real father. Her childhood memories keep saying no, while her heart tells her yes. As they look into the details about her mother’s life and the men who were involved with her, they find a story rife with deceit, murder, and multiple possibilities for who her father is. Who really is her father? Why did her mother leave Temple?

I enjoyed the story, the characters were well developed, even the secondary ones, the descriptions were vivid, and the author’s voice enjoyable to read. I did have trouble picturing when in time the story was set. At times it seemed like it was taking place twenty plus years ago and others it seemed to have a more modern setting which could be jarring. Some of the twists were expected and there were a few clichés I did not like, but overall it was a nice diversion.

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