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The Blacktop Cowboys Series

Book 1: Corralled
Book 2: Saddled and Spurred
Book 3: Wrangled and Tangled
Book 4: One Night Rodeo
Book 5: Turn and Burn

Interview with Lorelei James

A Blacktop Cowboys Novel, Book 5
ISBN: 9780451413963, 10: 0451413962
August 6, 2013
Signet Eclipse
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $16.00 CAN
320 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

After three world championships in barrel racing, Tanna Barker now breaks out in a panicked sweat even thinking of going near a horse. Her accident not only killed her horse and tore up her knee; it destroyed her confidence in ever being able to get in a saddle again.

Given that he works 16 hour days, it is amazing to almost everyone that Dr. August Fletcher is not completely burnt out. Fletch does not see it that way. He loves working with large animals and feels it is his duty to be there when and where the owners need him.

While working for her friends at the Split Rock, Tanna will have the chance she needs to get her head on straight, and maybe have some cowboy fun on the side. Fletch cannot believe the hottest one-nighter he has ever had is going to be around all summer, yet his work schedule is sure to get in the way of the time he wants with Tanna. Unbelievably, his assistant takes care of that problem, and for the next six weeks Fletch finds himself falling head over heels for the hottest, raunchiest, and most amazing woman he has ever come across. Tanna may never get back in the ring or even on a horse, even with Fletch’s help, although it is her heart that will suffer permanent damage when their time is up.

You better tighten that cinch, because you are in for one helluva wild ride! Fletch and Tanna blast any and all barriers to be one of the sexiest couples you will come across any time soon. They love with abandon, even when they have yet to recognize it as such, but it is their absolute candidness with each other that is so fantastic. There is no doubt in my mind that anything Ms. James puts her mind to will be worth reading, especially when it involves the hottest cowboys and girls you are likely to find.

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