Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781926950792
Evernight Publishing
51 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 3 Cups

Matilda Matthews is thankful when she is offered a place to live in exchange for taking care of a committed couple. That the couple is gay and they want her to be included in their sexual trysts just adds more incentive for her wanting to be there.

Noah and Sylvester may be a committed relationship but there is something about Tilly that has them willing to bring her into their home and bedroom.

What starts off as a sensual experience for Tilly soon becomes more as her feelings begin to become involved. Sylvester and Noah love each other and she is not sure if they would even consider allowing her into their hearts. The questions continue to revolve around in her mind until she feels as if she is on a spinning merry-go-round. If she lets go of that proverbial ride, will she fall off or go on the ride of a lifetime?

Turning up the Heat is a story that entails many great qualities. I love the interaction between the three lovers and the sex was so hot my mind was on fire. But I did feel there were parts of the story that were added almost as an afterthought. Overall, Ms. Brown writes with an enticing and tantalizing pen that will leave you wanting to explore more of her work.

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