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Night Prince Series

Book 1: Once Bitten
Book 2: Twice Tempted

Night Prince, Book 2
ISBN# 9780062076106
26 March 2013
Avon Books
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Leila’s personal life is as screwed up as her psychic abilities. After being doused in her vampire boyfriend’s fire retardant aura, she is immune to fire but unable to trace the psychic essences of others. Now she is starting to think Vlad’s only interest in her is related to her ability to keep an eye on his enemies.

Vlad has not lived centuries as the Prince of Darkness because he has a grip on the warm fuzzies. He is known as the Impaler for a reason, something Leila would do well to remember when she turns her nose up at his offer to become a vampire of his lineage. Even though Vlad lets her walk away, he is not really willing to let her go.

Now someone is trying to blow Leila to smithereens. She has nowhere to go and nobody to trust, especially when it is possible that Vlad would rather kill her than endure the slight of being dumped by a human. As her search for the killer leads her back to Vlad, she discovers it is possible to love the man and the monster when it is going to take both to save her life.

Twice Tempted is a fantastic ride with enough twists and turns to keep even the most demanding reader satisfied. Though this is the second book in a spin-off series, it can easily be read as a standalone. A must read for anyone tired of vampires that just cannot manage to live up to expectations. Vlad is an alpha who is impossible to resist!

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