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ISBN# (10)0373794843/(13)978-0373794843
July 2009
Blaze (HQN)
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
224 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Jordan Ware is saddened when her mother is killed by a hit-and-run driver. After learning she has a long lost twin sister, she is completely caught off guard.

Madison Ferrell knows about jewelry, like her mother. She also knows about ranching. What she is not aware of is a twin sister, and the stipulation their mother left in her will.

More than anything, Jordan wants her mother’s legacy to continue. With the news of Maddie, Jordan discovers her sister is an up-and-coming jewelry designer. A stipulation in the will, states, to have any part of their mother’s inheritance, they must switch places for three weeks. Everything is good for Maddie since she knows about jewelry, but Jordan knows nothing about ranching. Not to mention, Maddie has been encountering vandalism on her land. Maddie is certain she will have no difficulty living in Jordan’s shoes, but Jordan is not so sure about taking on Maddie’s responsibilities, or the handsome dude, and Maddie’s good friend, Cash Landry, that comes along with the package. What really brews trouble is when Cash learns the woman he thought was Maddie, has stepped not only onto the ranch but straight into his heart. Can the sisters pull the switch off or will Jordan lose her heart in the process?

I love the premise of Twin Seduction. I could practically visualize the expressions of the sister’s faces as they meet for the first time, then hear how they must switch places. Cara Summers instills real characters that produce some delicious moments in this enchanting read, not to mention add a twist of suspense and romance to the package. I love how she weaves Cash into stepping forward to protecting the ladies. The instant attraction between Jordan and Cash pulled this reader in even more. I thought the plot was wonderfully written with Jordan and Maddie. It was definitely a page turner from beginning to end.

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