Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# Unavailable
January 2010
Cyberworld Publishing
27 Pages
Gay, Male Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tim is the half owner of “Cute as Nails” in Sydney, in partnership with his last ex-lover, Nick, who abandoned him for a young man from Sri Lanka. Thanks due solely to his solicitor friend and first ex-lover, Andrew, for writing up a fantastic business contract for the company that protects Tim from Nick trying to oust him from the company.

Brad is an American working in Sydney doing some business for his dad when mutual friend, Andrew, holds a dinner party and makes sure Tim is invited. Since Brad is only into one night stands, he is on the lookout for the flavor of the night, which seems to be Tim.

This is a moving tale about love gone wrong for Tim, since the love of his life Nick up and abandoned him, and for Brad, since meeting Tim he is all of a sudden in love or at least in thrall. But do two wrongs make a right since Nick had seduced Tim from Andrew originally, does he want to keep on making the same mistake or forget about his first love, Andrew, who is currently in a relationship with an invalid?

I loved this story since it has enough background story and players to give real life and a spiffy edge to it. You feel for Tim who only wants to find real love and someone steady, yet there is Brad who is the polar opposite, a true gigolo until he meets Tim. Two Chances is just that for both of the men and well worth the read. Then comes the huge twist in the story, which is what makes this book so eloquent since it is our mutual friend Andrew who holds that place for Tim after all this time, and we find out what happens in the end and what Two Chances could really be.

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