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Renegades Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 1934153591
Under The Moon
253 Pages
Paranormal, Romance, Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Kathryn has spent her whole life haunted by the memory that she is unable to remember. Love has eluded her since her powers have provided her insight to the boy she loved as a teenager.

Keith has never understood what made Kathryn walk away from him. He has waited in the wings for 15 years, never pushing, but now he must push through in order to save the woman he loves.

Kathryn has always marched her own way connected only to her nephew, Kyle. Now people are dying, and if Kathryn fails to protect them from the one enemy she is afraid lives within her own mind.

Tygers is a real whodunit. It took everything I had to keep from cheating by turning to the back to see who won. Goodness, Brenna Lyons certainly knows how to put a reader on the edge wondering if they would rather jump or keep reading to experience the full impact of such a wonderfully written suspense novel. The one aspect that made the experience truly unique are the pictures scattered throughout the book to make for a one of kind romance story rarely experienced outside of manga novels. I would encourage you to pick up Tygers, and I challenge anyone to read the whole book; every page; no skipping allowed.

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