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ISBN# 9781419941429
August 2012
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
118 Pages
Erotic Romance, Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Vik Pillay is an Interpol agent working deep undercover for the past year to catch a sex-trafficking ring and shut them down. Just as he is about to have a breakthrough, his carefully laid plans go awry when instead of a planned hijack, his crew takes over a luxury yacht. Complicating matters is a beautiful spoiled rich girl in the midst of sex-starved hijackers.

Samantha is shocked and scared when a band of pirates hijacks the ship. Her natural curiosity gets the better of her when one man fights to death to claim her as exclusive property, yet does nothing when they have privacy. Nevertheless, she is no damsel in distress and will figure a way out to turn the situation to her advantage.

Vik does his best to keep his hands off her, concentrate on getting back on track with his case without telling her the truth, and keep her from getting hurt in the crossfire. Samantha, on the other hand, makes his restraint and concentration difficult by each minute. Not to forget the fact that a group of Navy Seals will also be gunning for them to rescue her, blowing his cover and the case to smithereens. What happens next? Well read and find out.

This is one fun action paced book. I loved the characters and the chemistry between Vik and Samantha. Vik is a dream hero to rescue a damsel only if he was not on the wrong side initially. Samantha truly is no damsel in distress. On the other hand, she is a rebel who loves going against everything expected or taught. How they come together and learn to trust each other is a must read. The steamy scenes only make it better. The author has tastefully written erotic scenes in the midst of all the suspense without spoiling the story -- making it a keeper in my bookshelf. The ending was a little different from what I would have wanted; it fit, but not to my expectations. Even though this is not a series, I would love to read books based on the secondary characters, especially Micheal with appearances by Samantha and Vik.

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