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Dark Judgment, Book 1
ISBN# 9781419941634
January 2013
Ellora’s Cave
138 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tamar is a teacher. Three years before, she has survived a plane crash and an abusive lover. Scarred yet stronger, she dreams of a handsome man who turns into something out of fiction.

The protector and enforcer of his people, Nicolai is a hippogryph, a creature of legend and very unlike the Buckbeak of Harry Potter fame. He hunts down and eliminates those who would expose their kind to the human race.

Tamar has been dreaming of Nico, a handsome and godlike lover, for months. Her dreams are getting more and more realistic, but they are just that—or are they? Nicolai also has been having erotic dreams about his long-dead mate, but they are becoming more and more vivid as his hunt for the rogue Evander becomes more intense. Evander has targeted Tamar because of her resemblance to Nico’s long-dead mate, so Nico is beginning to wonder if he has a second chance at love…if he can only keep her alive.

This is an exciting and erotically charged tale. I have never thought of hippogryphs in the same category as a sexy werewolf until now. The plot is full of action, adventure, violence and some really hot love scenes. The characters are very well drawn and seem to be about to walk or fly off the page. Nicolai and his men are the stuff of fantasy and nightmare, and their stories are something to look forward to.

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