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A Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony Novella
ISBN# 9781944419028
March 5, 2016
204 Pages
Adult Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Alien, Shifter
Rating: 3 Cups

In a new age, an alien shifter race inhabits new Earth. Humans are no longer merely human, but are shifters. It is a decadent night full of masks, seduction, passion, and sexual awakenings. Prince Nicholai and a commoner named Leonna have their reasons for donning masks. Neither desires a mating just one night of passion. Will one night be enough for either of them?

Leonna was injured as a small child and there is a caste system in her world and she is near the bottom; the merchant class. She never expects to ever see the Prince again after the night they shared. Leonna struggles with the life she wants and the life she is forced to live. She is betrothed to another, yet her mind is constantly on her dreams and the Prince.

Prince Nicholai is the eldest and throughout the story, the heavy burden that weighs upon his shoulders is evident. He is the strongest between him and his brother but he also has guilt that he cloaks himself in. Leonna is the light; a beacon that beckons to him.

I really wanted to LOVE this story. The basic plot is interesting but it lacks details that give me, the reader, a view of the world. It really needs to be worked out more because it really does have a great layout but the supporting details fail slightly. There were parts of the story that I felt distracted from and disconnected. I do understand this is a novella, but it felt a little flat for me as a read. I would probably recommend this novella to a friend but I would not rave about it and I want to rave about a book that I have taken the time to read no matter what the length.

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