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Fairfax series

Book 1: Unravel
Book 2: Unhinge

ISBN: 978-0-553-39478-8
January 12, 2016
Ballantine Books
Trade Paperback
392 Pages
Psychological Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Days blend and blur to the point Victoria Donovan has no idea how long she has been a patient at Fairfax. All she knows is that a huge chunk of her memory is missing, and her husband is not dead like everyone keeps telling her.

It all clicks into place the day Wesley Donovan bumps into his future wife. They make the perfect couple, will have the perfect house, and once he makes partner, his life is set.

Since seeing the photos of her life with Wes, Victoria is barely holding it together. The memories are bearing down on her like a freight train, and if not for Evelyn, her baby girl, she would surely shatter into a million pieces. Everyone tells her Wes is dead, although Victoria knows differently. The voices in her head are getting louder by the day, and Victoria feels certain they will not stop until every dirty detail comes back to her.

With every memory unearthed, Victoria gets closer to her breaking point, and the reader gets pulled deeper into her hysteria. Her self doubt is debilitating, making her question every thought in her head. Does she really see Wes, or is he as much of a hallucination as the voices screaming inside her skull? It comes down to the very last pages before any of the questions are answered. However, the ending takes on such a crazy spin it does disservice to the rest of the story.

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