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Outcast Season Book 2
ISBN#: 978-0451463098
February 2010
Roc, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
308 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassiel was once Djinn, but her leader has cast her out. She is having difficulty dealing with human emotions such as love. Revenge she understands.

Luis is an Earth Warden. His brother Manny was Cass’s mentor on Earth, but after his murder the responsibility is now Luis’. The former gang member is determined to find his niece and is strongly attracted to Cassiel.

Former Djinn Cassiel is charged with finding and stopping another former Djinn, Pearl. Pearl is kidnapping potential Wardens and training them to be weapons. One of the kidnapped children is Luis’ niece Isabel. Pearl will stop at nothing to get revenge on Djinn and Cassiel fears that she might have to destroy humanity in order to save the world. Her rapidly developing human feelings make her want to find an alternative, but that might not be possible.

I enjoyed this book. It stands alone pretty well, but some details seem to be missing that would be found in the first book. I liked Cassiel’s character. She seems to struggle in her new form, not quite human and not quite Djinn. Emotions seem to give her the most difficulty, but they definitely make her a better person than she was. Luis is a very strong character and a match for Cass in personality. The plot is very suspenseful with one action scene after another. It was impossible to put down, so I did not, missing part of the Super Bowl to finish it.

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