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ISBN#: (13) 978-1-60370-812-8/(10) 1-60370-812-X
September 2009
Torquere Press
207 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 5 cups

Brock Vencenza is a very wealthy and single business man. He lost his lover, Eric nine years before because Eric wanted to have a family, and at the time Brock did not. He still loves Eric, but figures it is water under the bridge.

Eric Wilson is a high school English teacher who loves what he does, and loves his adopted daughter Josie. While he knows he had to leave the man he loved if he wanted to make his dream of having a family come true, he is still in love with Brock and misses him.

When Eric’s daughter Josie is kidnapped from her daycare, and the ransom note he receives says not to bring in the police, he nearly loses his mind. Terrified, and not knowing where to turn, he calls Brock for help, hoping his old lover will be able to help him figure out what to do next, and how to get his daughter back. Fortunately for him, Brock does not hesitate and begins working towards helping Eric find his daughter. No amount of money matters to Brock because even though he has not seen Eric in nine years, he still cares. They eventually do find and retrieve Josie, but not before Eric is nearly fatally shot. In the madness that ensues, Brock is brought face to face with Eric’s daughter Josie, and finds himself quickly loving the precocious three-year-old, who almost immediately begins calling him Daddy Bee, and wrapping him around her little finger. However, they are not out of the woods yet. With one of the shooters still free, Brock and Eric must discover who is behind the kidnapping. In the meantime, they are falling back in love, but is love enough to keep them all safe when a psycho with a gun is on the loose?

Wow! I absolutely LOVED Unlikely Hero! Mr. Michael outdid himself with this one, seriously. The interactions between Josie and Brock alone are worth buying this book. My husband thought I was losing it because he could hear me busting out laughing over and over while I was reading it. The humor aside though, it is a truly wonderful love story. The dynamic between Brock and Eric is very loving from the beginning, and I really enjoyed how Brock took care of Eric, and didn’t care about how much it cost, or how it affected his life or even his job; he just wanted Eric to be emotionally secure and taken care of. I also thought it was very cool, how Brock was willing to learn to adjust to having Josie in his life, even though originally he hadn’t planned on having kids. Eric is very real, and you could feel his pain and anguish over Josie’s kidnapping. The way he just sort of fell apart emotionally is very true to life. The love scenes are raw, spicy, totally erotic, and emotion laden; my absolute favorite kind. Between the suspense, the action, the love story, and a precocious Josie, this is one book that has earned its place on my virtual keeper shelf. If you don’t buy another book this month, make sure you get this one!

Coffee Time Romance & More



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