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The Mastered Series

Book 1: Bound
Book 2: Unbound
Book 3: Unraveled

The Mastered Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-451-47363-9, 10: 0-451-47363-9
March 3, 2015
New American Library
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $17.00 CAN
464 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sparring with She-Cat is the highlight of every day for Knox Lofgren, whether it is verbally or physically. What he really wants to do with her; however, would probably get his teeth knocked out.

The martial-arts dojo feels like Shiori Hirano’s home away from home. She misses her mother and Japan in general, but America does have a few things in its favor. A tall, sexy, blonde Viking tops the list.

It does not take Shiori long to see what an amazing submissive Knox could be, although getting him to even entertain that idea may prove difficult. What comes as a complete surprise to both of them is Knox’s cautionary acceptance of Shiori as his Mistress. He just needs her assurance she will do nothing to threaten his position in the dojo. Finding a common ground where they can be Domme and sub, Shihan and Godan, and maybe even a regular couple, will prove to be much harder than anything they have ever faced.

The constant bickering between Shiori and Knox is like a pressure cooker, and when it blows, watch out! With such uncontrollable passion they are destined to find trouble, which they most certainly do. It is exciting to see how they attack every hurdle, because for them, nothing is a given. I love how their differences and similarities are so extreme it makes the bond they share even more exceptional.

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