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ISBN#: 9781771551731
January 5 2015
Champagne Books
121 pages
Urban Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Myka Quinn, a lone werewolf and bounty hunter, finds her mark, little did she know finding her will be just the start of big changes coming. As soon as she finds her, a dark witch named Tara they are shot, leaving her dead and Myka gravely wounded. She escapes and is rescued by Ari, a local alpha. The next day she is greeted by a lawyer, a witch sent by her old alpha, telling her she has been charged with Tara’s murder and offers his help. The offer makes her wary, as her old pack hates her for being a bitten not born werewolf. Framed for murder, death threats, and meeting a sexy alpha who wants to take care of her are just a few things she was not expecting to have to deal with.

Ari Hudson is a werewolf and alpha of a Washington pack, after finding Myka near death he makes an immediate decision to take care of her and brings her home. He is extremely attracted to Myka, who is defensive and skittish and works to do everything right to not scare her away so she will stay and be his mate. Ari uses his knowledge and influence with the locals to keep her from jail and works to help her with her problems with the murder charges, threats, and understanding her magic which does not seem to follow the usual rules. Despite her history with her old pack her trust issues her magic that is supposed to be impossible to have and the feelings of his own pack he is determined to have her.

After her near-death, another attack, and to protect her Ari has his pack guard her. One night her werewolf maker dies the result sending a magic backlash to her where she has to accept Ari and his pack or die. The next day unexpectedly she is visited by her ex-fiancé A Daniel, heir of her old alpha and brother to her dead maker, who invites her to his brother’s funeral. After a fight between her an Ari she heads home and is confronted by a trio of witches, Tara’s sisters, who tell her to find the real killer or else. Investigating the witch’s death will reveal answers to a sinister plot whose origins lead back to the night her family was slaughtered and she was made a werewolf. Then there are her feelings for Ari, can she trust him after all of the lies and betrayals she finds?

I enjoyed reading this book. I especially liked the imagery and descriptions used to draw the events and feelings of the story. It was action packed, both in the physical sense and the emotional sense and I did not want the story to come to an end. I was eager to read more about Myka, Ari, the pack, and Myka’s brother’s family. The world the author created was great, because along with the familiar use of werewolves a twist was added to make them totally unique and not like the cookie cutter creations made by other books in this genre. Myka felt real, even though she was tough she still had her vulnerabilities, was defensive, and was adamant about being able to do things on her own and her duty to take care of her brother. I really liked ari, he was sexy in a smart guy kind of way, knowing how to treat Myka and her defensiveness without being an over bearing jerk

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