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Tri Omega Mates

Book 1 - Secret Desires
Book 2 - Forbidden Desires
Bok 3 - Hidden Desires
Book 4 - Stolen Desires
Book 5 - Unspoken Desires
Book 6 - A Hunter's Desires


Tri-Omega Mates 5
ISBN#: 1-60601-284-3
March 2010
Siren Publishing
179 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Menage a Trois/Quatre, Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Daniel James is a werewolf and a member of the Wolfrik pack. He has been asked to go to a wolf council meeting on Vourdala Island. However, he has no idea just who he is going to see there.

Brom McGregor is Daniel’s mate. He also happens to be married to a woman of his father’s choosing and has two cubs by her. He still loves Daniel, and he harbors a secret that Daniel knows nothing about.

Jaryn is a tri-omega and part of Brom’s secret because Jaryn is both he and Daniel’s mate.

When Daniel sees Brom on Vourdala Island, his heart just shatters. He still loves Brom, but he cannot forgive Brom for telling him he did not love him and sending him away. He thinks to avoid Brom, but his alpha, Jake, insists that he attend the opening ceremony for the wolf council meeting. Brom is there, and it is all Daniel can do to hold it together. If it were not for his pack, he probably would not have been able to. However, when he sees Brom’s wife and children, his heart breaks for what should have been his. He thinks to get away, but Brom follows him all the way to his room where they make love, and Brom refuses to claim him yet again. Daniel has had enough and sends Brom on his way. Unfortunately, it does not end there, later on Daniel gets drunk and confesses to loving Jake. Of course he just means as friends but it is enough to send Brom, who overhears him, into a fit of jealousy. He comes up to Daniel and gives him the claiming bite in anger. When he realizes what he has done, he is horrified. Then later, when with Jaryn’s help, he realizes he cannot hide the fact he has claimed Daniel because his scent has changed, he knows he has to get himself, Jaryn and his children under protection. If he does not, his father will call a hunt to kill Daniel as he threatened to do five years before. There is only one problem, Brom has to figure out how to ask Daniel’s forgiveness, and then get him to accept another mate, and the children he had with his wife. Will Daniel help Brom and his little family, or will he turn them away?

Holy cow! Stormy Glenn does it again! Seriously, I do not think this author could write a bad book if she tried. She absolutely blew me away with this particular storyline. I loved Brom, Daniel, and Jaryn. These three are so made for each other it is practically tattooed on their foreheads. The suspense of knowing that Brom’s father could harm the ones he loves at any time really helps to move the story along and keep the reader on the edge of her seat. The sexual tension between Brom and Daniel is so thick you could cut it with a knife, and the sort of love/hate thing they have going easily keeps the reader engaged with the story. Jaryn’s particular tri-omega gift was a pleasant surprise, and I loved how Ms. Glenn used it to fix a problem that came up in one of the earlier books in this series. The love that blooms between these three just brought tears to my eyes. This is without a doubt one of Ms. Glenn’s best books to date, although I am equally sure she will surprise me sometime in the near future with an even better one! If you have not had a chance to read the books in the Tri-Omega series, I strongly urge you to do so. You will love reading about how these strong, gentle men find their mates.

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