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ISBN#: 1610341880
February 2011
Siren Publishing
272 Pages
Contemporary, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 4 Cups

Siddalee Brighton is delighted that the young man she has loved for years is finally returning home. She is also extremely angry with him for leaving her to begin with and not contacting her during his long absence.

Jasper Candillion has returned to claim Sidda as his mate and to take over as leader of the North American Luna Packs. His challenge has been issued, and it is not long before he must face-off against a sneaky, cowardly opponent who will stoop to any means in order to hold onto his powerful and corrupt rule.

Sidda and Jasper’s relationship gets off to a rocky start when she finds out that he has kept critical information from her. Unfortunately, when she runs away Sidda is coerced into a situation that is untenable, but she devises a plan to release the innocents caught up in obscene, diabolical experiments, and aid her mate in his coup. Jasper is enraged by her disobedience; torn by his desire to protect Sidda and the knowledge that the welfare of the pack must come first.

An exciting page-turner, this book grabbed me early on and demanded my attention throughout. I have never met a heroine quite like Sidda before. Mouthy, irreverent, and hard-headed, she is also passionate, loyal and wields powerful magic effortlessly. She loves Jasper with her whole heart but has a knack for severely testing the limits of his patience. I sympathized, usually, with Jasper's frustration, but I must say I just loved Sidda’s spunk and determination to do what she felt needed to be done, regardless. She is a force to be reckoned with and unstoppable when executing her agendas. An action-packed adventure, with some hot, spicy love scenes, this book had me staying up late to reach the satisfying conclusion.

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