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ISBN(10) 190693178X;(13)978-1-78189-038-7
Dec. 7, 2012
Choc Lit Limited Penrose House
368 pages
Romantic suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

After having settled in Philadelphia with a practice and a fiancé, Dr. Lia Thompson must return to her native England to act as executor of her grandmother’s estate. As she is drawn into the community with its skeptics, old friends, a former admirer and mother, Connie, who has her own secrets, she uncovers the ghosts in her past are incompatible with the future she has planned.

Aidan Morrell, an established artist and full time PADI dive instructor, has loved Lia since high school, though she was unaware of it. Their new friendship grows and he offers to help her lose her fear of water that may have developed when her little brother drowned in the household bathtub. This incident set her family into estrangement.

The small town on the English coast is painted in monochromatic drama with overhanging clouds, frequent rain and snow, and a shaded gray sea always in motion, building the drama and begging for a closer look. When Lia’s fiancé visits at Christmas, the couple realizes there is a gap between their realities. He is a good man, but not an emotional challenge – no spark. The sparks are all in the community Lia is trying to understand. Why all the secrets? Was her grandmother murdered?

Excellent foreshadowing provides danger around every corner. One cannot wait to get back to this multifaceted book to find the answers that only seem to breed more questions. The author is in full command of the story. I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys disciplined detail, honest emotion, and suspense.

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