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Rise of the Valkyrie
Book 1: The Corpse Goddess
Book 2: Valkyrie's Kiss

Rise of the Valkyrie book 2
ISBN# 978-1-77130-733-8
February 2014
Evernight Publishing
80 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Sabrina is a Valkyrie, charged with bringing heroes to Valhalla. She is beautiful like all of her kind, but longs for more than the life she has.

Jesse Moran is a true hero. An American soldier in a war zone, he is honorable and brave. He is also handsome and intelligent.

Sabrina has been a Valkyrie for centuries, bringing the souls of heroes to Valhalla to be honored and feted forever. Heroes are not what they used to be; however, and Sabrina is disillusioned by what she finds there. She despairs this state of affairs until she sees Jesse Moran and cheats Death by saving him. Death is angry that Sabrina has broken the rules, but she is determined to save her hero.

This is a fast read, with interesting characters and an exciting plot. Jesse and Sabrina are both likable characters with a great deal of chemistry and a dire situation to be remedied. The supporting characters are also well drawn; the author has a gift for humanizing the immortals of Norse mythology, not an easy task. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more of this author’s work.

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