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ISBN #: 9780994092441
August 2015
Keira Andrews
231 Pages
M/M Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Rafael “Rafa” is the youngest son of the President, and gay. His family is conservative and he has decided not to tell them he is gay until his father is out of the white house. In the meantime, his best friend poses as his girlfriend and he is just biding his time.

Shane is a secret service agent who has finally made it into the white house. He is one of two agents assigned to the President’s youngest son Rafael, code name Valor. Shane learns from other agents that guarding Rafa is a piece of cake because unlike his other siblings, Rafa does not act out.

When Rafa meets one his newest body guards, the attraction is instant; Shane trips all of Rafa’s sexual buttons. But with him being in the closet and Shane being his body guard, there is no way that they can be together, or is there? Rafa’s mother wants him to graduate college and get a job she approves of, but all Rafa wants to do is graduate, move to Australia and go to the Cordon Bleu to become a Chef. Needless to say, his desire to cook is discouraged. However, one night when one of his body guards is not on duty, he invites Shane up to a little hidden kitchen where he likes to cook, to try out a new recipe. Shane is hesitant, but decides he can control himself, even though he genuinely likes the kid, and knows that Rafa is crushing on him, he has no intention of anything happening. However, the more time the two spend together, the stronger the attraction between them grows, but with Rafa in the closet and Shane unwilling to cross that line and lose his one chance to move up in the Service, things look bleak. Then when a betrayal from a direction no one expected happens, will Shane be able to save the man he has come to care for in time? And even if he does will it change anything?

This is my first book by Keira Andrews and I freakin’ LOVED it!! What a roller coaster ride! Rafa’s emotional pain just kept me turning the pages, and hoping for a resolution to what appears to be a romance that simply cannot happen. The characters are so real, I felt like they had stepped off the pages. The love scenes are so erotic, emotional and real that I had tears in my eyes at some points in the book. I loved how the age difference truly did not matter, and how these two just “fit.” The fact that the author really researched the white house and politics in general was very evident, and I really enjoyed that because so many books just make stuff up and hope it passes muster. I loved the fact that what I was reading about the white house was based on reality. If you love contemporary m/m romance, or even if you have never read one before, I highly recommend this book, this is one story that is well worth reading!

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