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ISBN #: Unavailable
November 2010
Alinar Publishing
116 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Shannon is a demon hunter. She lost her entire family in a vampire attack and began working for the agency soon after. It is ironic that her partner for the past few years has been a vampire.

Rafe is a very old vampire. He has been working for the agency as a penance for his sins. He is very attracted to his partner, Shannon, and is afraid to tell her, since she hates his kind.

It is Christmastime and Rafe will soon be losing his partner Shannon. He is in love with her and has protected her for years, but she fears and hates vampires. Rafe has one last chance to let Shannon know how he feels and is determined to tell her. Unfortunately a slimy demon has come to town, and the team must get rid of him first.

This is a very well done Christmas story with a vampire twist. Rafe was once a monster before joining the agency and understands all too well what Shannon has endured. The two have developed a relationship and feelings towards the other that were completely unexpected, and the author makes the most of this. The love scenes are very hot, but the slime flinging demon steals every scene he appears in. I did not know if I should laugh or be scared of him. I definitely enjoyed every aspect of this story.

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