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The Profiler Series

Book 1: Hunted
Book 2: Vanished

The Profiler, Book 2
December 30, 2014
$7.99 US /$8.99 CAN
395 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

At twelve years old Evelyn Baine lost her very best friend, shaping her into the woman she is now. The Nursery Rhyme killer has never been caught, Cassie has never been found, and Evelyn will never rest until this eighteen year old mystery is resolved.

FBI operative Kyle McKenzie works with HRT, and is no stranger to hard work and long hours. The Hostage Rescue Team coordinates with many other teams within the FBI, which is how he met the woman who puts most people’s work ethics to shame.

Working as an FBI profiler, Evelyn spends her days delving into the sickest criminal minds in the country. Now she needs to put that expertise into tracking down the Nursery Rhyme killer from her childhood, even if it destroys her career. As much as Kyle wants to protect Evelyn from danger, he knows this is what she needs to do. Evelyn’s profile is pulling her in a dozen different directions, none of which explains why this killer has waited eighteen years to start again.

Evelyn is the perfect example of why profilers do not work cases they are personally involved in. She is so emotionally invested it clouds her judgment and causes her to make mistakes a rookie would be ashamed of. Kyle helps as much as he can, but his biggest contribution is giving Evelyn a safe place to voice her fears. With Evelyn’s overly serious nature and Kyle’s more carefree attitude they make a fantastic team I would love to see more of.

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