Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9780988231047
October 2012
Seventh Window Publications
253 Pages
Historical Erotic M/M Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Like his father before him, Virago takes his place as tailor to the king. He enjoys his work, yet his heart longs for what is impossible to have.

Making music is much like breathing for Seton. He plays from his soul, hoping one day to share his love of music with someone special.

Growing up with Prince Duir, Virago has always felt a certain kinship, which makes Duir’s actions that much harder to understand. The king is dead. The castle is in chaos. So, for the first time ever, Virago is losing control. He knows that loving Seton is tantamount to death, yet he is hard pressed to care. To keep his brother Sylvain and his new lover safe, Virago must keep up appearances with Duir and his court, without knowing how exposed he already is.

The velvet fabric within this story is the perfect accompaniment to the sensual and delicate nature of Virago and Seton’s relationship. Virago’s feelings for Seton are so raw, yet he never forgets that loving this man could mean their death. The velvet, Sylvain’s visions and the threat of a plague–all combine to create a tension-filled and dramatic backdrop for this story. I would really love to find out what happens next with these intriguing characters.

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